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Highlights from the TAB Resource Center: December 2016


1. Assessment Tool: Assess Your Filing Situation

Filing Assessment

How often do you receive a panicked “all office” e-mail looking for a particular file? Do your staff have to search high and low for critical information contained in physical files?

Our filing situation assessment tool helps you get to the root of these issues so you can solve them more easily.

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2. Get Better at File Tracking: A Tool

File Tracking Tool

File tracking systems are a critical component of an effective records management program. They ensure that you always know the location of files so that they can be retrieved quickly when needed.

This tool helps you assess your current situation so that you can implement a better file tracking system.

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3. TAB Guide: Selecting a Document Imaging Provider

Choosing a Document Imaging Provider

If you are considering a document imaging project, you’ll know that there are many decisions to make before you go ahead with the project. One of the big questions is whether to handle the project in-house or to use an outsourced imaging provider.

If you are considering outside help, this guide will help you make the right call. It offers a high-level list of considerations and questions to ask when evaluating a prospective provider.

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