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High-Density File Shelving

Given the high cost and limited availability of office space in many cities, efficiency is vital. TAB professionals can show you how to optimize your file room space usage with a high-density file shelving system. We can assist you in improving space utilization while having immediate access to your files.

TAB’s open office shelving systems are designed for high-density, high-activity filing environments. They provide immediate access to a large number of files in a limited space.

Our flexible modular open office shelving design optimizes your existing space usage while simplifying the storage, retrieval and movement of files.

Office Shelving System

  • unistor_125

    Unistor Lateral Filing

    TAB's Unistor is an efficient, cost-effective filing solution for maximizing existing storage space. Learn More
  • large_doc_storage_125

    Large Document Shelving

    TAB's Large Document Storage Solution stores maps, blueprints and other large documents in up to 75% less space. The system features custom shelving to store documents in a vertical space. Learn More
  • usf_125

    DataBox USF Shelving

    DataBox™ USF is the ultimate solution for high density, large scale open concept filing. With DataBox USF system you can easily file, retrieve, shift and relocate your files. Learn More
  • 4post_125

    TAB TMS Shelving

    TAB TMS utilizes vertical space rather than floor space to maximize storage space. The system is modular to easily add units as your needs demand. Learn More

Architect Seminars

AIA/CES Seminars:

As an educational service to architects and designers, TAB offers AIA/CES registered seminars on storage space planning. Each seminar is roughly one hour long and features a range of storage applications that illustrate how TAB can help you save valuable time in your storage space planning projects. TAB professionals present the educational seminars at facilities throughout Canada.

Contact us if you are interested in earning AIA/CES continuing education credits. You can also visit our Architect & Designer website to learn more:

TAB provides high-density file shelving, modular open office shelving systems,  file conversion services and other records management products and solutions for the medical, legal, pharmaceutical and financial services industries. To find out more about our cabinets, complete our response form or call to reach a rep at one of our offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Ottawa, London, Toronto or Montreal.

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