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Electronic RM Programme Design and Implementation

Creating the right programme for your organization

TAB’ professionals can show you how to manage your electronic information through all the phases of the record life cycle, so your organization can increase efficiency while minimizing costs and risk.

Our Certified Records Managers (CRM) apply our records management best practices to design and implement a comprehensive information management program for your electronic documents.

TAB can help you create the right policies and procedures, train employees, and implement a monitoring system to ensure compliance.

How we do it: analysis, classification, and retention

Our professionals begin by examining your business functions and processes, then apply this knowledge as the basis for an electronic document classification scheme to more effectively organize your information. This classification structure enables you to clearly identify your information and greatly simplifies electronic filing, retrieval and archiving.

We then develop a records retention strategy and schedule to help specify which records must be kept, how to store them, and when they can be legally disposed of. This process often significantly reduces the volume of electronic records stored on drives and servers across an organization.

Manage your compliance risk

TAB ensures that your information management practices are compliant with industry-specific regulations and legislation. Our professionals develop comprehensive programs that outline all aspects of information management, from duplication and distribution requirements, through storage and retrieval restrictions, to the eventual destruction of records which no longer need to be retained as specified by your records retention schedule.

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